Accurate LASER Works, Inc. is a full service LASER engraving, cutting, and marking job shop serving the
Northeastern Indiana area.  With artwork generation facilities that specialize in turning your idea into a
precision work of art!

We specialize in low wattage (100 watts or less) precision CO2 LASER cutting and engraving of most
non-metallic materials, and LASER marking of metallic materials. We can work from your CAD
or graphics layout files to produce prototype or production quantities.

One plaque or a thousand gaskets, we can meet your needs.




Our LASER systems accept data directly
from AutoCAD or CorelDRAW 15



1 piece or 10,000 we can meet your laser processing needs.
And we welcome the opportunity to show you what we
can do for you.  Call us about your project.

The maximum size material that will fit within our
LASER equipment is 32" long x 18" wide x 8" high.

Materials That Can Be cut or engraved With a CO2 LASER

Acrylic * Anodized Aluminum * Carbide * Cardboard *Ceramic Substrates
Coated Metals * Composites * Delrin * Fabrics * Fiberglass * Foam

Glass * Kevlar * Laminated Plastics * Leather * Marble * Masonite
Matte Board * Melamine * Nylon * Paper * Plastics

Polyester * Pressboard * Rubber * Silicon * Stone
Styrene * Veneer * Vinyl * Wood

Give us a sample of your material to try.  We have even process dried Pig Bowel sheet!

If you find that our facilities do not meet your needs
may we suggest these other laser processors...

The LASER uses a focused beam of light that, some have said, is seven times hotter than what can
be achieved by focusing the sunís light with a magnifying glass on the surface of the earth. This
intense beam vaporizes the materials it is focused upon, thus removing that material.

Because the LASER beam does not rely on physical pressure to engrave or cut, it is suitable
for processing materials from fragile glass to coated metals.

Our facilities include a CO2 LASER that emits a light beam with a frequency that will vaporize most
non-metals. The depth of the engraving or cutting is dependant upon the density of the individual
material being engraved, and the speed at which the laser beam is moved.

The LASER beam is controlled by a computer in much the same way a printer is used with your home
or office computer.  Thus an exact replica of your artwork can be duplicated as an engraving
without costly programming, stencils, or setup charges.  The best results are obtained using
CorelDRAW! (revision 15 or less) or AutoCAD DXF.

If your needs are larger than we can handle or you require
metal cutting capabilities please follow this link