Join the many Hospitals and Clinics that have provided
a higher level of security and protection for their transducers!

If your Ultrasound system uses removable transducers

and  you store your $$$$ transducers like this...


You are just asking for ...

Face Delaminating / Crystal Impact Damage
Cord Kinks and Cuts /
Moisture Damage

And a very upset Department Manager!


Introducing the Safe & Clean Transducer Racks

The solution to these common problems is a new generation of Transducer Racks.  Introducing the

Safe & Clean
Transducer Rack
(Patent Pending)

Using the connector's own
locking device, the
 connector is securely
locked onto the rack.  Just
as if it was in use on
the machine

The probe is conveniently
hung next to the connector
for easy retrieval and less
cord strain.

NOTE: The P-series rack is shown, the A-series and E9-series racks are similar.

Vaginal Probe Supports for 2D & 3D Probes.

2D Probe with 0.562" (14MM) shaft
3D Probe with 0.712" (18MM) shaft

  $25.00 EA

Our transducer rack uses a connectors similar in function to the transducer connectors on your Ultrasound machine.

NOTE: The P-Series Connectors are shown.

The connectors are billet machined from a solid bar, and the rack base is laser cut and thermo-formed from easily cleaned 1/4" thick acrylic.  The rack base is clear so that your wall decorations are not hidden.

Available in 3 sizes

All racks are 8-1/2" tall and protrude from the wall 3-3/4"

    TR2 holds 2 transducers (9-1/4" long)  ------ $250.00 EA
    TR3 holds 3 transducers (11-7/8" long)   ---- $350.00 EA
    TR5 holds 5 transducers (17-1/2" long)   ---- $550.00 EA


  • $24.00 S&H charge will be added to each order.

  • Please contact us for any International Orders so we can provide accurate shipping costs.

  • Indiana residents will have 7% State Sales Tax added

  • International orders require Credit Card payment, or prepayment by check.
    We are sorry to have to have this restriction but slow payment of invoices requires this restriction.  Your Credit Card will not be processed until your order is ready to be shipped.

  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

To order ...

If your connectors look like this Which fit these machines...

P-Series Plug
With Gold Pins
  1. Phillips

    1. iu22

    2. ie33

  2. GE

    1. Logiq 9

    2. Logiq P3

    3. Logiq P5

    4. Logiq P6

  3. HDI (ATL)

    1. 5000

  4. Samsung Medison

    1. AcuvixXQ
              (Large housings can cause some conflict
              with probe hanging slot.


    3. EKO7

    4. ACCUVIX-V20

    5. ACCUVIX-V10

    6. SONOACE-R7

    7. SONOACE-R5

    8. SONOACE-X8

    9. SONOACE-X6

  5. Siemens

    1. X300

    2. X150

    3. Antares

E9-Series Plug
With Metal Pegs On Each End

  1. GE

    1. Logiq E6

    2. Logiq E8

    3. Logiq E9

    4. Logiq S7

    5. Logiq S8

  2. Supersonic imagine

    1. Aixplorer


A-Series Plug
With Flat Circuit Board Connections with
locking pin offset from center vertically.

  1. Siemens

    1. Acuson

      1. S1000

      2. S2000

      3. SC2000

      4. S3000

      5. SEQUOIA

T-Series Plug
gold pins similar to the P-Series
only with more pins and larger body.

Metal frame around connectors
measures 1.7" x 4.1"
  1. Toshiba

    1. Xario

    2. Xario XG

    3. Aplio MX

    4. Aplio XG

    5. Artida

    6. Viamo

    7. Aplio 300

    8. Aplio 500

To order ...

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